Supply Chain Management

Primary Sourcing is committed to being an extension of our customers’ supply chain, while bringing the leverage of our global resources to ensure that your flexibility, service, and cost expectations are fulfilled.

Our organization can provide turn-key supply chain management support for your projects while offering flexible supply chain strategies, personalized service, and aggressive cost management.

Strong Diversified Supplier Network

We have developed a strategic core supply base to provide consistent level delivery, cost improvement and quality.  Additionally, we have established an extended supplier network to ensure diversification eliminating potential supply disruptions.

Our ability to develop and customize a supply chain depending on the customer requirements is a key advantage to our organization.  We leverage partnerships with our strategic core supply base to rapidly focus the supply chain on your project needs while calling upon their specialized market expertise toward your manufacturing requirements.

Flexibility Of Supply Chain

While we have a strong supply base, we recognize our customers’ market presence and suppliers need to be a core part of any supply chain management strategy.  We can seamlessly integrate with your existing supply base as a continuing source of parts and material.

This allows us to work better with our preferred supply base to bring the best total value to our customers. CST pursues a relationship with our supply base to forge partnership alliance, which enhances our ability to enable a smooth transition of product and to enhance the following:

We have the talent and resources to efficiently manage procurement, planning, forecasting, supply/demand balancing and inventory requirements.  This allows our customers to focus on other aspects of the product’s realization.

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