Since 1999, Primary Sourcing has specialized in manufacturing complex turnkey down-hole tools for oilfield equipment and service companies, assembling specialized electro/mechanical/hydraulic assemblies for industrial applications and manufacturing custom printed circuit board assemblies. The company operates a 90,000 square foot facility that is sub-divided into individual suites for specific manufacturing processes and customer confidentiality. Superior technical talent at Primary Sourcing produces custom products with high reliability. A high level focus on quality, reliability and process control drives very high standards for manufacturing.

We have the capabilities to design, prototype, and manufacture products for technology-driven companies in the oil and gas, aerospace, automotive, communications and medical industries.

We cater to customers with manufacturing constraints who are looking to Outsource.

Why Choose Primary Sourcing?

  • Total solution to meet your requirements with Manufacturing Engineering, Supply Chain Management, Multi-discipline Manufacturing, Testing and Machining.
  • API Spec Q1 Registered Quality Management System (Rogerdale Location) resulting in sustainability and repeatability of product performance.
  • Electronic barcoding allowing full tracking of product realization process and traceability.
  • Competent and flexible workforce with 15 + plus years’ experience in down-hole applications.
  • Ability to handle small and large order quantities with varying mix.

For more information on our full range of services, please call 713-952-5405 or use our contact form.